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For those wanting to know where to find an RFA doctor or more information about the procedure, go to RFAMD.COM. It is the best resource!
Dr. Ralph Tufano 🇺🇸
Director of the Division of Head and Neck Endocrine Surgery
The interactive map of RFA doctors from around the world is a great feature of RFAMD.COM. I highly recommend the website for all patients searching for an RFA doctor!
Dr. Roberto Valcavi 🇮🇹
E.T.C. The Endocrine & Thyroid Clinic Reggio Emilia Italy
RFAMD.COM is not only a great resource for patients, it is also an amazing resource for RFA doctors! I choose RFAMD for its website design service, it is tailored to RFA doctors.
Dr. Leonardo Rangel 🇧🇷
Rio de Janeiro State University

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Radiofrequency ablation therapy treats your nodules while saving your thyroid and changing your life.

In the past, the preferred method of treatment involved removing half of, or the entire thyroid. This surgery can result in numerous unnecessary risks and a lifetime of complications.

This FDA-approved procedure allows you to treat the problem, without removing your thyroid. Leaving you to live your life with a functioning thyroid, free of medications.

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