5th Practical Theoretical Course of Microwave Ablation of Thyroid Pathologies


5th Practical Theoretical Course of Microwave Ablation of Thyroid Pathologies

  • August 8 – 9, 2023
  • São Paulo, Brazil 🇧🇷

Speakers: Dr. Fernando Walder, Dr. Fernando Luiz Dias, Dr. Carlos N. Lehn

Module 1 

Theoretical Introduction

Module 2 


Module 3 

Case Observation


  • Ultrasound-based Thermal Ablation
  • Principles of Thermal Ablation
  • Types of Energy Sources and their Specific Applications
  • Cytology of Thyroid Nodules – Tips and Tricks
  • Future of Thermal Ablation in the Treatment of Thyroid Pathologies
  • How to Perform Safe Ablation – Tips and Tricks
  • Advanced Techniques for Recognizing Thyroid MWA Using Mapping and Identification of Structures
  • Thermal Ablation of Parathyroid Adenomas – Perspectives and Applications

Organizer: China Conference on Microwave Ablation

Undertaker: Hospital São Paulo & HSPE


This two-day course provides comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience in Microwave Ablation of Thyroid Pathologies. The program, divided into three modules, includes an introductory theory session, a hands-on practical module, and live case observations.

Participants will explore a range of topics, from the principles of thermal ablation, specific applications of different energy sources, and cytology of thyroid nodules, to advanced techniques for thyroid MWA and thermal ablation of parathyroid adenomas.

This course, organized by the China Conference on Microwave Ablation, undertaken by Hospital São Paulo & HSPE, and sponsored by ECO MEDICAL, is designed for professionals keen to delve into the latest methods for treating thyroid pathologies.



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