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Be a guest on the RFAMD podcast

Be a guest on the number one ablation podcast,
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A personal RFAMD web page helps patients find you more easily and allows you to connect with the ablation community.



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Publish and share your research, news, or events on RFAMD News platforms.



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Let your patients share their positive experiences when being treated by you. Interview conducted by Philip James



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We create, write, and provide images for your social media which helps you connect with patients and peers. Sit back and relax without the stress of managing social media.



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Yes. Thyroid RFA doctors get a free listing on the RFAMD map when selecting the “GREEN” option.

Green listings include your name and location. Gold listings include your contact information and social media. Featured includes a personalized RFA webpage, your news announcements, and priority for patient referrals in your area.

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Featured listings receive patient referral priority, followed by Gold listings. If no Featured doctor is available in the designated area, then referrals may be sent to Green listings.

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