Dr. Luisa F Leal

Dr. Luisa F Leal

Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism and Nurse Practitioner

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New Horizon Diabetes Clinic

713 President Place Suite B Smyrna, Tennessee, United States

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Diabetes & Metabolism
Nurse Practitioner
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  • American Thyroid Association 
  • Endocrine Society 
  • American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist (AACE)
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  • Adult Nurse Practitioner
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  • Thyroid Nodules 
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  • Diabetes and Metabolism 
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  • Education & Experience
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice 2014
  • Master of Science in Nursing 2012
  • Masters of Business Administration & Healthcare Management 2009
  • Bachelors of Science in Healthcare Administration 2007

Luisa F. Leal DNP, ANP-BC

Doctor of Nursing Practice, Adult Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Leal received both her Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree (DNP-2014) and Adult Nurse Practitioner (ANP-2012) degree from Vanderbilt University.

Her career in diabetes began in 2005 as a Diabetes Case Manager. Since then, Dr. Leal has dedicated her job towards the improvement of diabetes outcomes in patients who suffer this chronic condition. 

Dr. Leal is a member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist (AACE), the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE), and the Endocrine Society (ES). 

Luisa F Leal RFAMD


  • Minimally invasive procedure as an alternative to surgery
  • Commonly use to treat nodules in the liver and other organs
  • In Endocrinology is used to treat benign thyroid nodules that can cause symptoms or cosmetic


  • Colloid Nodules – Normal thyroid tissue overgrowth
  • Thyroid Cystic – Pockets of fluid inside the thyroid. This can be a mix partially solid, partially fluid
  • Inflammatory – Secondary to long term inflammation
  • Multinodular Goiter – Multiple nodules inside the thyroid
  • Hyperfunctioning – Increase production of thyroid hormone causing hyperthyroidism


  • Small nodules are monitored 
  • Nodules positive for cancer must be removed by surgery 
  • Radioactive Iodine for nodules that are hyperfunctioning
  • Large nodules can be treated with Radiofrequency Ablation 

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