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Revolutionizing Thyroid Cancer Treatment: Ablation over Surgery with Dr. Giovanni Mauri

In this interview, Dr. Giovanni Mauri, an interventional radiologist specializing in ablation for the treatment of various conditions including thyroid cancer, shares his insights with Philip James on the Doctor Thyroid and RFAMD podcasts. www.rfamd.com Dr. Mauri highlights one of the recent advancements in the field of ablation – the possibility of treating small thyroid […]

Dra. Lorena Savluk habla sobre terapias RFA en n贸dulos tiroides y c谩ncer de tiroides

En la reciente conferencia TNT en Reggio Emilia 2023: 2da Reuni贸n Internacional sobre Terapias M铆nimamente Invasivas Guiadas por Ultrasonido, el anfitri贸n del podcast Doctor Thyroid y RFAMD, Philip James, tuvo la oportunidad de entrevistar a la Dra. Lorena Savluk, una destacada radi贸loga intervencionista de Buenos Aires, Argentina. www.rfamd.com La Dra. Savluk fue bienvenida por James, […]

Dr. Camilo Gonz谩lez Revela Avances en Tratamientos M铆nimamente Invasivos para N贸dulos Tiroideos

En una entrevista realizada por Philip James de los podcasts Doctor Thyroid y RFAMD, el Dr. Camilo Gonz谩lez de Monterrey, M茅xico, habla sobre las terapias de tratamiento m铆nimamente invasivas para los n贸dulos tiroideos. www.rfamd.com El Dr. Gonz谩lez enfatiza que cada paciente tiene una historia 煤nica y diferentes necesidades de tratamiento. La misi贸n de la Asociaci贸n […]

Preserving the Voice: Insights from Dr. Vaninder Dhillon on Thyroid Surgery and Ablation

In a recent episode of the Doctor Thyroid and RFAMD podcasts, Dr. Vaninder Dhillon, an esteemed laryngologist and ENT surgeon from Johns Hopkins, highlighted the critical issue of voice and swallow risks associated with thyroidectomy and thyroid ablation. SUBSCRIBE @DoctorThyroid AVOID SURGERY www.rfamd.com @JohnsHopkinsMedicine The interview sheds light on the importance of preserving the voice […]

Gianluca Selvaggi’s Remarkable Story: Discovering and Defeating Thyroid Cancer Through Ablation

Gianluca Selvaggi‘s Remarkable Story: Discovering and Defeating Thyroid Cancer Through Ablation www.rfamd.com Discovering and Defeating Thyroid Cancer Through Ablation In an intriguing episode of the Doctor Thyroid and RFAMD podcasts, hosted by Philip James, we get to hear an inspiring story from a man named Gianluca Selvaggi. His experience with thyroid cancer and the subsequent […]

Choosing Surveillance Over Surgery 馃彞 Thyroid Cancer Treatments Revolutionized

In recent years, innovative methods in thyroid cancer management have drastically changed the field, and potentially the future of cancer treatments overall. A thought-provoking revelation comes from a discussion held at the World Congress on Thyroid Cancer in London, where a paradigm-shifting concept was discussed by two highly respected figures in the field. www.rfamd.com Dr. […]

Dr. Greg Randolph on Patient-Centered Approaches to Thyroid Nodule Treatment

In a comprehensive interview conducted by Philip James from the RFAMD and Doctor Thyroid podcasts, Dr. Greg Randolph from Harvard Medical School shares his insights on patient-centered approaches for treating thyroid nodules. The interview focuses on thyroid ablation, a procedure that treats thyroid nodules without surgery. www.rfamd.com Dr. Randolph emphasizes the importance of not only […]

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