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2nd International Meeting on Thyroid Ultrasound-Guided, Minimally Invasive Therapies

Minimally invasive, ultrasound (US)-guided thyroid treatment modalities are effective and safe alternatives to surgery in patients with benign thyroid cysts, solid non-functioning benign thyroid nodules, and in solid hyper-functioning nodules. In addition, they may also have a role in the management of primary micro-papillary tumors or recurrent thyroid cancers. These procedures include the use of chemical agents such as Ethanol Ablation (EA), or thermal thyroid tissue destruction through Laser Ablation (LA), Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA), Microwave Ablation (MWA) and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU).

Moreover, new selecting tools, such as radiomics and molecular genetics, are becoming always more feasible and reliable helping physicians to choose the “good candidate” for ablative therapies.

During the 2nd TNT Meeting, that follows the success of the 1st TNT Meeting, first-class experts will chair outstanding speakers who will present the state-of-the-art of all ultrasound-guided thyroid minimally invasive procedures, and new horizons in the treatment of thyroid nodules.

Hands-on practice will also be available for those participants who want to try thermal ablation devices on their own.

Due the covid-19, in case that situation won’t allow us to hold the meeting in january, it will be rescheduled between the end of march and the end of may.


President: Roberto Valcavi

Local Organizer: Xavier Serres-CrĂ©ixams

Scientific Committee:
Jung Hwan Baek,
Bekir Çakır,
Nobuhiro Fukunari,
Steven Hodak,
Giuseppe Mercante,
Roberto Novizio,
Xavier Serres-Créixams,
Mattia Squarcia,
Roberto Valcavi

Devaprabu Abraham-Endocrinologist, Utah, UT, USA
Marco Álvarez-Radiologist, CancĂșn, Mexico
Gerardo Amabile–Endocrinologist, Naples, Italy
Jung Hwan Baek, Radiologist, Seoul, South Korea
Chelsey Baldwin-Endocrinologist, New York City, NY, USA
Ashok Bhaseen-TFI, Thyroid Federation International
Juan Pablo Dueñas-Endocrine surgeon, Medellín, Colombia
Daniel Eiroa–Radiologist, Barcelona, Spain
Jose Luis del Cura Rodriguez–Radiologist, Bilbao, Spain
Mohammed Fawzy–Radiologist, Il Cairo, Egypt
Nobuhiro Fukunari–Surgeon, Shinagawa-ku, Japan
Richard Guttler–Endocrinologist, Santa Monica, USA
Hossein Gharib, Endocrinologist, Rochester, MN, USA
Steven Hodak-Endocrinologist, New York City, NY, USA
Yu Jie–Internal Medicine & Oncology, Bejing, China
Ping Liang–Radiologist, Beijing, China
Giuseppe Mercante–Head & Neck Surgeon, Milan, Italy
Mireia Mora–Endocrinologist, Barcelona, Spain
Roberto Novizio–Endocrinologist, Roma, Italy
Berna Evranos Öğmen, Endocrinologist, Turkey
Auh Whan Park–Radiologist, Charlottesville, VA, USA
Fatemeh Passandi-Endocrinologist, Teheran, Iran
Patrick Petrossian-Endocrinologist, LiĂšge, Belgium
Alfredo Pontecorvi-Endocrinologist, Rome, Italy
Patrick Olivier Rosselet-Endocrinologist, Lausanne, Switzerland
Gilles Russ-Radiologist, Paris, France
Xavier Serres-CrĂ©ixams – Radiologist, Barcelona, Spain
Mattia Squarcia–Radiologist, Barcelona, Spain
Marius Stan–Endocrinologist, Rochester, MN, USA
Giorgio Stecconi Bortolani–Endocrinologist, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Roberto Valcavi–Endocrinologist, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Gianpaolo Vidili-Internist & Ultrasound-guided interventional oncologist, Sassari, Italy
Erivelto Volpi-Head & Neck Surgeon, Sao Paolo, Brasil
Fernando Walder-Head & Neck Surgeon, Saon Paolo, Brasil
Carles Zafon–Endocrinologist, Barcelona, Spain
TFI Representative