Dr. Alireza Falahati’s Innovative Thyroid Treatments Transform Patients’ Lives and Save Thyroids

Breakthroughs in-office procedure offers a new lease on life for thyroid patients, avoiding invasive surgery.

In a quiet office in Utah, a significant shift is occurring in how thyroid conditions are managed, spearheaded by Dr. Alireza Falahati. Rachel Kilgard, a college student at Weber State, experienced firsthand the life-altering benefits of this new approach after struggling with severe fatigue that she initially mistook for low iron. However, her condition was much more complex—a toxic thyroid nodule affecting her body’s metabolism and overall energy use.

The Shift Away from Traditional Surgery

Traditionally, treatment options for significant thyroid issues like Rachel’s involved invasive surgery, often leaving patients reliant on lifelong hormone supplements—a prospect Rachel dreaded. “I was dead set on not doing any sort of surgery. I didn’t want any scarring, and I did not want to stay on supplements for the rest of my life,” she explained.

A Pioneering Approach with Radiofrequency and Microwave Ablation

Dr. Falahati, utilizing newly FDA-approved technologies such as radiofrequency (RFA) and microwave ablation (MWA), offers a groundbreaking alternative. These techniques can shrink thyroid nodules by 70 to 90 percent, addressing symptoms like difficulty swallowing, hoarseness, coughing, and choking. “The goal is to bring the size of these problematic nodules to a negligible level where they cause no symptoms, and the patient can live freely,” Dr. Falahati noted.

A Minimally Invasive, Pain-Free Procedure

One of the first in Utah to adopt this method, Dr. Falahati has seen a surge in demand—going from treating one patient a month to two to four patients a week. The procedure involves inserting a probe into the nodule, which heats and destroys the abnormal tissue without affecting the surrounding areas. “There are no nerves in the nodule, making this a very painless procedure,” Dr. Falahati added. Patients can go home 45 minutes post-procedure and typically begin to feel improvements within a week.

Adopting Next-Generation Technology: Pulse Health

As Dr. Falahati continues to lead the field in thyroid treatment, he is poised to adopt another cutting-edge technology—Pulse Health’s nsPFA (nanosecond Pulse Field Ablation). This non-thermal technology targets cellular structures precisely without causing thermal damage, promising even safer and more effective treatments for thyroid nodules. This adoption underscores Dr. Falahati’s commitment to offering his patients the latest advancements in medical technology.

Data-Backed Success and Accessibility

While the approach is relatively new in the U.S., it has been widely used and studied in Asia and Europe, showing low recurrence rates and high efficacy. If a nodule does regrow, the procedure can be repeated, although most patients require just one treatment. The treatment costs up to $5,000 but is gaining insurance coverage, reflecting its increasing acceptance and proven benefits.

Transformative Results

The results were almost instantaneous for Rachel, significantly improving her quality of life. “I had more energy, wasn’t as tired, and the worst part—my anxiety, which led to frequent panic attacks, subsided,” she shared, reflecting on the profound impact of the treatment.

This innovative procedure represents a leap forward in thyroid care. It underscores the potential for modern technology to replace more invasive traditional methods, offering patients quicker recoveries and fewer side effects. As more insurers cover this treatment, it marks a promising horizon for thyroid patients nationwide.

For those interested in learning more about this treatment and whether they might be a good candidate, further information can be found at kutv.com. This site highlights Dr. Falahati’s ongoing commitment to transforming thyroid treatment in Utah and beyond.

Dr. Alireza Falahati

Dr. Alireza Falahati-Nini, MD, FACE, is an esteemed endocrinologist who has dedicated his career to advancing the treatment of thyroid and metabolic disorders. At Utah Endocrinology Associates, where he serves as president, Dr. Falahati prioritizes innovative, patient-focused approaches to care, embracing the latest technologies to enhance treatment accuracy and patient comfort.


RFAMD.com is a website that provides information about thyroid health, mainly focusing on ablation as an alternative to traditional thyroid surgery. The website includes educational resources, details about treatment options, and information about training and events related to thyroid ablation. It is a hub for patients seeking non-invasive treatment options and medical professionals looking to learn more about RFA and other thyroid treatment techniques.

About Philip James

About Philip James
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Additionally, Philip James is the author of “Say No to Thyroid Surgery,” a book that explores non-surgical treatment options for thyroid conditions. His work is mainly focused on educating patients about alternatives to surgery, aiming to empower them with knowledge to make informed decisions about their health care.

His contributions to thyroid health awareness and patient education have made him a respected figure in the community. He has helped many individuals navigate the complexities of thyroid diseases with better understanding and confidence.

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