Under Dr. Çekiç’s Guidance: 17 Thyroid Ablation Procedures Achieved in a Day, Spanning Parathyroid Adenomas to Benign Nodules
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Under Dr. Çekiç’s Guidance: 17 Thyroid Ablation Procedures Achieved in a Day, Spanning Parathyroid Adenomas to Benign Nodules

International Experts Gather in Antalya for Pioneering Thyroid Ablation Workshop

ANTALYA, Turkey — The Department of Interventional Radiology at Antalya Training and Research Hospital recently became the focal point of the medical community, hosting a Thyroid Microwave Ablation Workshop. Spearheading this initiative was Dr. Bülent Çekiç, a luminary in interventional radiology and an RFAMD Featured doctor.

On October 26th, the event drew 13 medical professionals from diverse corners of the world, including India, Malaysia, the UK, the USA, Morocco, Romania, Switzerland, Iran, and Libya. Their collective presence not only emphasized the rising significance of microwave ablation therapy but also spotlighted Dr. Çekiç’s global influence.
In Antalya, Dr. Bülent Çekiç leads a groundbreaking thyroid ablation workshop, achieving 17 diverse procedures in one day, highlighting international expertise.

The workshop’s first day blended theoretical sessions and hands-on training, allowing the participants to delve deep into thyroid nodules and microwave ablation techniques.

A Highlighted Achievement:

The subsequent day was nothing short of remarkable. Under the expert tutelage of Dr. Çekiç, the group achieved a significant milestone, successfully executing 17 thyroid ablation procedures. This feat encompassed a diverse range of cases: 10 parathyroid adenomas, two toxic adenomas, and five benign thyroid nodules.

Such a comprehensive array of procedures offered the participants an unparalleled learning experience, showcasing the depth and breadth of thyroid treatments.


Beyond the medical accomplishments, the workshop served as a platform for international collaboration. Doctors from various backgrounds exchanged valuable insights, discussed challenges, and built connections that promise to influence the future trajectory of thyroid treatments.

Dr. Çekiç, reflecting on the event’s success, stated, “The synergy of expertise from around the world was palpable. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all participants and to ECO for their unwavering backing.”

For those intrigued by Dr. Bülent Çekiç’s pioneering work, his detailed profile is available on the RFAMD website by clicking HERE

This workshop wasn’t just a training session; it was a monumental gathering that promises to shape the future of thyroid care on a global scale.


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