Dr. Lorena Savluk: Leading the Charge in Thyroid Ablation Training

A Pioneering Force in Minimally Invasive Thyroid Treatments

In the rapidly evolving field of thyroid treatment, Dr. Lorena Savluk of Argentina is emerging as a pivotal figure. Renowned for her expertise in Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) for thyroid nodules, Dr. Savluk is not just at the forefront of practicing this innovative technique but is also passionately dedicated to educating others in the field.

Her upcoming training course in March 2024 at the prestigious Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires is a testament to her commitment to advancing medical knowledge and skills in thyroid ablation.

A Beacon of Minimally Invasive Techniques

Dr. Savluk’s work primarily focuses on RFA, a minimally invasive procedure that offers a promising alternative to traditional surgery for treating thyroid nodules. This technique aligns with the modern medical trend towards procedures that are less traumatic for patients, offering quicker recovery times and minimal scarring, while preserving thyroid function.

Global Recognition and Humanitarian Efforts

Listed among the world’s top thyroid ablation experts, Dr. Savluk’s expertise is recognized globally. Her participation in international medical conferences and training programs underscores her status as a leading figure in this specialized medical field. Moreover, her involvement in providing essential thyroid ablation services to underprivileged patients highlights her commitment to humanitarian efforts, ensuring that advanced medical treatments are accessible to those in need.

March 2024: A Landmark Training Event

The upcoming training course in March 2024, under Dr. Savluk’s direction, is set to be a landmark event in the medical calendar. It promises to offer in-depth technical knowledge and hands-on experience in thyroid RFA, catering to a growing number of medical professionals eager to specialize in this demanding yet rewarding field. This course is not just about theoretical learning; it includes practical sessions where participants can observe and engage in the procedure, gaining first-hand experience under Dr. Savluk’s expert guidance.


Shaping the Future of Thyroid Treatment

Dr. Lorena Savluk’s role as an educator and practitioner in thyroid RFA is shaping the future of thyroid treatment. Her upcoming training course in Buenos Aires is more than just an educational event; it’s a reflection of her dedication to enhancing patient care through innovative medical practices. As she continues to share her knowledge and expertise, Dr. Savluk is playing a crucial role in advancing the field of thyroid health.

About Dr. Lorena Savluk

Dr. Lorena Savluk is a staff physician at the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires (HIBA), specializing in Diagnostic Imaging. An Interventional Radiologist, she is trained in Diagnostic Imaging from SAR and UBA. Dr. Savluk has international training from Spain (Valencia, Granada), the United Kingdom (Cambridge), and Italy. She is a member of the Sociedad Argentina de Diagnóstico por Imágenes and the Colegio Argentino de Radiología Vascular e Intervencionista (CARVI), Latin American Thyroid Society (LATS), and TNT Association. Her academic background includes studies at the Universidad de Ciencias Médicas | UNLP.


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