Dr. Saif Al Zaabi: A Pioneer in Thyroid Ablation Across Three Countries

Dr. Saif Al Zaabi is revolutionizing the field of thyroid ablation, offering groundbreaking treatment options across Dubai, Muscat, Riyadh, and Manama. With a prestigious background in interventional radiology, certified by the American and Canadian boards, Dr. Al Zaabi brings cutting-edge techniques to patients seeking alternatives to traditional thyroid surgery.

Early Career and Foundations

Starting his journey at the University of Alberta, Canada, Dr. Al Zaabi completed his fellowship and residency in Diagnostic and Angio-interventional Radiology. His early career was marked by significant roles, including the Chair of Medical Imaging at King Fahd Specialist Hospital in Saudi Arabia, where he also directed the Diagnostic Radiology Training Program.

Expanding Horizons

In 2019, Dr. Al Zaabi founded Qastarat & Dawali Clinics, expanding his expertise across four countries. These clinics specialize in non-invasive treatments for thyroid nodules, providing patients with effective alternatives to surgery. His approach uses advanced imaging techniques to ensure precision and safety, significantly reducing recovery time and improving outcomes.

A Leader in Thyroid Health

Dr. Al Zaabi’s clinics have become synonymous with excellence in thyroid ablation, achieving a high success rate without the complications associated with surgery. His work not only preserves thyroid function but also offers his patients a quicker return to daily activities.

Global Impact

Beyond his clinical work, Dr. Al Zaabi is a key opinion leader in interventional radiology. He frequently travels as a visiting consultant, sharing his knowledge and skills globally, shaping the future of minimally invasive thyroid treatments.

Towards a Future Without Thyroid Surgery

Dr. Al Zaabi’s commitment to advancing thyroid health inspires the medical community and patients. Through his leadership and innovative practices, more individuals now have access to safer thyroid treatments, marking a significant step forward in medical care for thyroid patients.

For more about Dr. Saif Al Zaabi and his work, visit www.qastaratclinics.com


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