Dr. Xavier Serres Créixams Debuts Pioneering Work on Thyroid Nodule Radiofrequency Ablation
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Dr. Xavier Serres Créixams Debuts Pioneering Work on Thyroid Nodule Radiofrequency Ablation

RFAMD Featured Doctor, Dr. Xavier Serres Créixams, deeply delves into innovative thyroid nodule treatments in his latest publication: Radiofrecuencia Ablación del nódulo de Tiroides.

Renowned for his expertise and innovation in thyroid treatments, Dr. Xavier Serres Créixams has released a groundbreaking book titled “RADIOFRECUENCIA ABLACIÓN DEL NÓDULO DE TIROIDES.” This publication, brought to life in collaboration with Dr. José Luis Novelli and Dr. Stella Maris Batallés, along with contributions from global specialists, is poised to reshape our understanding of thyroid nodule treatments.

A Comprehensive Look at Thyroid Radiofrequency Ablation

Published by UNR Editora, this book is more than a clinical guide. While it delves into traditional indications, the text also ventures into areas like functioning nodules, cervical metastases, and the often-debated treatment of papillary microcarcinoma.

The essence of the book is encapsulated in the following:

Thyroid Health is Paramount: The thyroid, a crucial gland located in the neck, produces hormones pivotal for the body’s vital activities. Ensuring its optimal functioning is paramount so individuals can lead healthy lives without hindrance.

Significance of Early Detection: Thyroid nodules, abnormal growths of thyroid cells forming tumors, predominantly manifest as benign. However, a minute fraction can be malignant, necessitating the importance of early diagnosis. In Spain, an estimated 30% of the population has thyroid nodules, with prevalence spiking with age.

Radiofrequency Ablation: A Revolution in Treatment: This non-surgical treatment approach, executed by an interventional or endocrine radiologist, involves introducing heat into the nodule via a fine needle. Emitting radiofrequency at its tip results in necrosis, efficiently tackling the issue. Remarkably safe, patients experience swift relief, typically noting nodule reduction after a 25-minute session.

The Undeniable Benefits: Compared to other procedures, radiofrequency treatment of thyroid nodules significantly curbs side effects. A minor side effect, such as short-lived aphonia, can sometimes occur due to the vocal cords’ proximity to the treatment site. Nonetheless, this method marks a substantial leap forward in medical practice.

For those eager to delve into Dr. Xavier Serres Créixams’s insights, the book is available for a complimentary download [here].

While Dr. Serres Créixams won’t be gracing MedTech Asia with his presence this year, his distinction as an RFAMD Featured doctor emphasizes his significance in the global thyroid medical community. As the field continues evolving, professionals and patients eagerly await his next steps.


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