Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires – Full Capacity – Thyroid Ablation Course Led by Dra. Lorena Savluk

Dra. Lorena Savluk Champions Thyroid Preservation through Ablation Training in Argentina

In Buenos Aires, the distinguished Dra. Lorena Savluk is leading a transformative approach to thyroid health at the esteemed Hospital Italiano. Her upcoming intensive training course on May 30 and 31 has garnered significant attention and quickly reached full capacity. This session underscores a pivotal shift in treating thyroid conditions, focusing on sparing patients from surgery through innovative ablation techniques.

Pioneering Non-Surgical Thyroid Treatments

Dra. Savluk’s workshop offers an in-depth exploration of thyroid ablation, particularly emphasizing how these methods can preserve the thyroid gland and avoid the complications associated with traditional surgery. Her courses are not just lectures but hands-on experiences that equip medical professionals with the skills to implement:

  • Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA): Participants learn how to use radiofrequency to reduce thyroid nodules effectively.
  • Patient Assessment: Training includes evaluating which patients are ideal candidates for non-surgical interventions, a crucial skill for ensuring successful outcomes.
  • Technique Refinement: Through practical sessions, attendees practice under Dra. Savluk’s expert guidance, mastering the delicate procedures required to perform ablations safely.
  • Post-Ablation Care: The course also covers the comprehensive management of patients post-ablation, emphasizing follow-up care and monitoring.

Advancing Thyroid Care in Argentina

By bringing this advanced training to Argentina, Dra. Savluk is not only enhancing the skill set of local doctors but also advancing patient care standards. Her efforts are introducing a new paradigm in thyroid health management, focusing on minimizing invasive procedures while maximizing patient quality of life.

The sold-out status of her course reflects the growing recognition of minimally invasive techniques as crucial in modern medicine. Dra. Savluk’s commitment to education and patient care exemplifies the potential of specialized training to revolutionize medical practices and patient outcomes in thyroid health.

This approach aligns with global trends emphasizing patient-centered care and is particularly significant for those seeking alternatives to surgery, as Dra. Savluk continues to lead these educational initiatives; she not only shapes the future of thyroid treatment in Argentina but also sets a benchmark for medical professionals worldwide.


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