RFAMD Featured Doctor, Dr. Stefano Spiezia, Shines at the ATA Conference
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RFAMD Featured Doctor, Dr. Stefano Spiezia, Shines at the ATA Conference

RFAMD, the Leading Global Platform for Thyroid Ablation, Highlights Dr. Stefano’s Contribution to the Field.

The American Thyroid Association (ATA) conference, known for its groundbreaking research and discussions related to thyroid health, outdid itself this year. The conference holds immense significance in the thyroid healthcare landscape, with topics ranging from basic clinical research to specialized techniques. However, what made this year’s ATA conference particularly special was its emphasis on thyroid ablation, a topic of growing importance in the management of thyroid diseases.
Among the esteemed presenters, Dr. Stefano Spiezia, a preferred doctor on the RFAMD, took the stage to present on “Thermal Ablation of Thyroid Nodule.”

Dr. Stefano Spiezia

Dr. Stefano isn’t just a physician; he’s a visionary. For those unfamiliar with RFAMD, it is the global vanguard for thyroid ablation doctors and patients seeking resources. It’s a community where professionals like Dr. Stefano find recognition for their exemplary work. You can delve deeper into Dr. Stefano’s credentials and accomplishments on his RFAMD [profile].

Save Your Thyroid: More Than Just A Slogan

“Save Your Thyroid” is not just a slogan for Dr. Stefano; it embodies his mission. The movement aims to promote thyroid thermoablation as a cutting-edge procedure to reduce unnecessary surgeries. This method preserves the thyroid gland’s unaltered function, obviating the need for scar-inducing surgeries, general anesthesia, or lifelong thyroid hormone replacement therapy.

Dr. Stefano’s advancements enhance quality of life, significantly mitigating pre- and post-operative complications and facilitating virtually instant recovery times.

The “Save Your Thyroid” initiative also ventures beyond patient treatment. It’s an educational endeavor. Rooted in Italy and supported by SIUMB (Italy’s leading scientific society dealing with ultrasound), this international school of thyroid ultrasound and echo intervention is a beacon of hope for many, guided by Dr. Stefano’s 25 years of experience in thermoablation treatment of thyroid pathologies.

A Glimpse into Dr. Stefano Spiezia’s Stellar Career

Dr. Stefano is renowned as the Head of the Endocrine Surgery Division at Ospedale del Mare Napoli. He also holds the esteemed position of SIUMB General Secretary in Rome. His expertise is not just limited to endocrine surgery; he’s also proficient in robotic and minimally invasive procedures. In addition to these roles, Dr. Stefano serves as an Ad. Professor at Turin University and Consultant at the Saudi German Hospital in Cairo.


The ATA conference’s decision to spotlight thyroid ablation underscores its significance in modern medicine. With stalwarts like Dr. Stefano Spiezia championing the cause, patients across the globe can look forward to innovative solutions that prioritize their well-being. The future of thyroid healthcare looks promising, and Dr. Stefano is undoubtedly at its forefront.


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Dr. Stefano Spiezia at MedTech Asia 2024: Leading Thyroid Ablation Sessions & Trainings

MedTech Asia 2024 promises to be a hallmark event at the forefront of medical innovation and training, especially for professionals keen on mastering thyroid ablation techniques. We are honored to announce that Dr. Stefano Spiezia, a distinguished expert in the field, will lead intensive hands-on sessions and ablation training during the conference.

MedTech Asia’s Mission

Dedicated to propelling the medical field forward, [MedTech Asia] emphasizes real-world applications and patient-centric techniques. Through its commitment to merging theoretical concepts with practical scenarios, the platform guarantees that medical practitioners leave with actionable skills ready to tackle real-world medical challenges.

Thyroid Ablation Training with Dr. Stefano

Under Dr. Stefano’s guidance, the thyroid ablation training at MedTech Asia 2024 will provide a deep dive into advanced ablation methods, explicitly focusing on Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) and Microwave Ablation (MWA). Attendees will benefit from hands-on experiences, robust discussions on best practices, and insights into practical applications of the latest techniques.

Seize this opportunity to augment your skills, learn from the best, and ensure you remain at the cutting edge of thyroid ablation practices.

MedTech Asia 2024 - Thyroid Ablation – Beyond Surgery