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BOOK REVIEW: THE Case for Non-Surgical Thyroid Care: “Say No to Thyroid Surgery” by Philip James

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A medical revolution is underway, aimed at changing the treatment of thyroid disease and offering alternatives to traditional surgery. “Say No to Thyroid Surgery,” the forthcoming book by Philip James, is leading this shift, advocating for a more patient-focused approach to thyroid care.

The Author’s Journey

Philip, known for his Doctor Thyroid and RFAMD podcasts, brings personal experience and professional insight. Having conducted over 150 interviews with medical experts, his work is driven by his own challenging experience with thyroid surgery, motivating him to help patients understand their care options beyond surgery.

Doctor Endorsements

The book has received support from doctors who recognize its potential to change the landscape of thyroid treatment. Dr. Stefano Spiezia calls it a significant shift towards patient-centric care, highlighting thyroid ablation as a safer alternative to traditional surgery. Dr. Erivelto Volpi sees the book as reflective of his journey towards less invasive treatments, stressing the importance of quality of life and patient outcomes.

Dr. Emad Kandil, noting his experience with thyroid RFA procedures, regards the book as essential for patients and physicians, emphasizing the critical need for informed choices in thyroid care. Dr. Cristhian García finds the book in line with his belief in compassionate care and the transformative power of Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA).

Innovations in Treatment

“Say No to Thyroid Surgery” explores minimally invasive techniques like RFA and Microwave Ablation (MWA), offering insights into their application and benefits for managing thyroid conditions. It advocates for active surveillance, particularly for certain thyroid cancers, to avoid unnecessary surgical interventions. The book draws on the work of Dr. Akira Miyauchi and Dr. Michael Tuttle, providing evidence that active surveillance can reduce surgical complications and enhance patient outcomes.

Patient-Centered Philosophy

The book encourages a patient-centered treatment philosophy, urging both individuals and healthcare providers to consider conservative, personalized management strategies. With patient stories, interviews with experts, and evidence-based research, “Say No to Thyroid Surgery” aims to empower readers to make informed healthcare decisions.

As the medical community moves towards reconsidering conventional thyroid treatment practices, “Say No to Thyroid Surgery” is a valuable resource, signaling a future where unnecessary surgeries are avoided to prioritize patient well-being. This book represents a step towards a more informed, empathetic approach to thyroid health.

About the Author


Philip James, a respected advocate in the field of thyroid health, is the visionary behind the Doctor Thyroid and RFAMD podcasts. His dedication to exploring the depths of thyroid care stems from his own adverse experience with thyroid surgery, which propelled him onto a path of education and advocacy. With over 150 interviews conducted with leading medical professionals, Philip’s work is a testament to his commitment to advancing thyroid health care and patient empowerment.

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“Say No to Thyroid Surgery”

How technology and innovation are transforming treatment for thyroid disease — helping patients avoid surgery and preserve quality of life.