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Thyroid Treatments Under the Microscope: Does Radiofrequency Ablation Impact Surgical Outcomes?

New Orleans, Oct 23, 2023 – In the bustling corridors of Tulane University’s School of Medicine, a team of dedicated surgeons has unraveled a pertinent question in the world of thyroid treatment. Radiofrequency ablation, an innovative, minimally invasive therapy for thyroid nodules, has been under the proverbial microscope due to concerns about its aftermath on conventional thyroid surgery.

Led by Dr. Mohammad Hussein and Dr. Eman Toraih, among other experts, the study explored whether undergoing radiofrequency ablation treatment could compromise the outcomes of any subsequent thyroid surgeries. To investigate, the researchers meticulously examined and compared the results between patients who underwent thyroidectomy after having radiofrequency ablation (designated as the post-radiofrequency ablation thyroidectomy group) and those who had never undergone the treatment (the non-radiofrequency ablation thyroidectomy group).

In their cohort of 96 participants, 23 had previously received radiofrequency ablation treatment. The team noted comparable median operative times between the two groups, and no significant differences were identified in the rate of complications.

Moreover, the study unearthed an encouraging revelation: neither group reported any permanent complications, such as nerve injuries or hypoparathyroidism. Notably, prior radiofrequency ablation did not appear to increase the risk of complications during the surgery.

These findings serve as a beacon of reassurance for both medical professionals and their patients. As radiofrequency ablation continues to emerge as a viable solution for those dealing with thyroid nodules, it’s comforting to know that its utilization does not cast a shadow on the safety of future thyroidectomies.

Dr. Toraih, who can be reached at etoraih@tulane.edu, succinctly summed up the study’s implications, “Our research underscores that the path of radiofrequency ablation, followed by thyroidectomy if necessary, is a safe one. It should open doors to more holistic, patient-centered treatments.”

For the full study, credit goes to the collaborative efforts of Mohammad Hussein, Eman Toraih, Peter P Issa, Mahmoud Omar, Mohamed Aboueisha, Yusef Buti, Chad P Issa, Aaron L Albuck, Katherine Cironi, Abdallah S Attia, Alexandra C LaForteza, Mohamed Shama, and Emad Kandil, all from the Department of Surgery at Tulane University, School of Medicine.

This article is based on research originally published by Elsevier Inc. All rights are reserved to the original authors and the publisher.

Source: “From ablation to operation: Unraveling the surgical outcomes and complications of thyroidectomy after radiofrequency ablation.” – Hussein, M., Toraih, E., et al. (2023) Elsevier Inc.

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