IV Brazilian – Thyroid RFA Hands on Course
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IV Brazilian – Thyroid RFA Hands on Course

iv brazilian thyroid rfa 2022

Advanced Hands-On Radiofrequency Ablation Training for Thyroid Nodules

2-Day Introductory Cource on the Use of Ultrasound-Guided Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) including hands-on sessions with live patients



Course Objectives

  • Understanding The Principles of Radiofrequency Energy
  • Review of Current Indications of Benign Thyroid Nodule Ablation
  • Thyroid Ablation Setup and Technique
  • Avoiding and Managing Complications
  • The Future of RFA for the Neck 

Course Info

Minimally invasive, ultrasound (US)-guided thyroid treatment modalities are becoming effective and safe alternatives to surgery in patients with benign thyroid cysts, solid nonfunctioning benign thyroid nodules that grow or become symptomatic, and in solid hyper-functioning nodules. 

At this meeting, we will focus on how Thyroid Radiofrequency Ablation has received international recognition as an effective, safe and non surgical option for selected thyroid nodules with significant benefits for both the patient and healthcare provider 

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