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Upcoming thyroid thermal ablation hands on sessions on 2023 — Save your thyroid and SIUMB school international courses!

The upcoming thyroid thermal ablation hands on sessions on 2023, Of the “Save your thyroid” and SIUMB international school!

Date: January 26, 2023, February 23-24, March 1-2, March 16

Location: Ospedale del Mare, Naples Italy. Endocrine Surgery Division.


The “Save your thyroid” and Siumb international school, cordially invites you to attend the upcoming Thyroid Thermal Ablation Training Program presented by Dr. Stefano Spiezia. This is a collaboration to deliver a formal Thyroid TA Training Program while also delivering one-two days masterclasses with training on phantoms and patients on various types of applications for advanced concepts in thyroid thermal ablation.

Course Director

Course Schedule

Jan 26Osp. del Mare*RF international masterclass1 available
Feb 23-24School Site**Basic US italian thyroid school10 available
Mar 1-2Osp. del MareMW international masterclass4 available
Mar 16Osp. del MareLaser international masterclass2 available

*Ospedale del Mare Via E.Russo 35- Naples
**Courses hall on 2023: In Arte Vesuvio Via N. Sauro 23 – Naples

Register mailing to info@sytgroup.it.