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It’s all about empowering patients with the information they need to get the best treatment, and avoid unnecessary surgery. Thanks to RFAMD, it’s easy for me to launch a website, manage my social media, and help inform patients.
I highly recommend RFAMD design services.

Dr. Giovanni Mauri
Ranked top 2% scientists globally by Stanford University

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Gain exclusive access to over 600 daily RFAMD visitors seeking ablation treatments, accelerating the growth of your patient base.

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Stand out with your own RFAMD profile, enhancing your presence and accessibility for patients and peers alike.

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Share your expertise on the top ablation podcast hosted by Philip James, expanding your reach and credibility in the industry.

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Ensure easy discovery by being prominently listed on the RFAMD map, ensuring accessibility for those in need.

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What type of doctor are you: Medical 2.0 or Medical 3.0?

“It’s estimated that medical knowledge now doubles every 73 days – compare that to 2010 when knowledge doubled every 3.5 years, there is simply no way healthcare professionals can keep pace – without help.”

John Whyte
Chief Medical Officer at WebMD

Medical 2.0

  • Evidence-based
  • You prescribe treatment over prevention
  • Your treatment plan is broad-based
  • You are reactive in your prescribed treatment plan for patients

Your communication norms are:

  • You rely on your institution or Doctorlia for your messaging.
  • You ask the patient to call your office by phone or without an easy messaging option.
  • You wait for patients to contact you and are reactive in your approach to patient bookings.
  • You do not manage your Google listing.

Your excuse for not managing your online presence is:

  • You think an online presence undermines your credibility or the dignity of your profession, you don’t have time,
  • You feel your reputation is vulnerable online
  • You prescribe to traditional or the old way, and think sharing patient stories and testimonials could be perceived as commercial.
  • You rely on cumbersome communication experiences from the patient’s perspective.

Medical 3.0

  • Evidence-informed
  • You prescribe prevention over treatment
  • Your treatment plan is personalized
  • You are proactive in your prescribed treatment plan for patients

Your communication norms are:

  • Social listening by tuning into Facebook groups and listening to podcasts.
  • You are reachable by phone… and WhatsApp, Messenger, LinkedIn, Google Maps, and Instagram.
  • You go where patients are looking, such as YouTube and Instagram.
  • You are proactive in managing your Google listing.

You are committed to an online presence because:

  • You are able to engage with patients more effectively.
  • You know, social media can facilitate real-time communication, feedback, and patient support, enhancing the patient experience and satisfaction.
  • Being visible online can significantly affect a practice’s viability and success.
  • Digital communication channels can make healthcare more patient-friendly and efficient. You can better communicate with peers when attending conferences in particular.
  • By embracing Medicine 3.0, you meet today’s patient expectations better and improve overall service satisfaction.
  • Engage with RFAMD media services to make your transition to Medicine 3.0 communication norms easy, safe, secure, and cost-effective.

“An online presence is the new doctor’s office — it is the patient’s first impression of you. A doctor can no longer afford to be stuck in Medicine 2.0. While Medicine 3.0 is the future.”

Dr. Giovanni Mauri
Ranked top 2% scientists globally by Stanford University


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“An RFAMD Featured page is a no-brainer. We receive up to 10 thyroid ablation referrals monthly from my featured listing.”
Dr. Ralph Tufano 🇺🇸
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“My RFAMD profile page enhances my online presence, making it easy for patients and peers to find and connect with me.”
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“Using RFAMD’s platforms to share my research and updates has significantly amplified my voice within the ablation community.”
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“Being on the RFAMD website means I’m always easy to find — for patients and peers alike.”

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Frequently asked

Medicine 3.0 leverages digital tools to enhance patient care by promoting proactive, personalized healthcare. RFAMD Media Services simplifies this transition by providing comprehensive online presence management, including website creation, social media engagement, and Google listing optimizations.

With RFAMD Media Services, you can establish a robust online presence within 72 hours of submitting your profile and specifications. Our streamlined process ensures your digital tools are up and running swiftly, allowing you to engage with patients immediately.

Yes, RFAMD Media Services focuses on maintaining the professionalism and credibility of your digital presence. Our expertly crafted websites and social media strategies are designed to reflect your practice’s high standards while enhancing patient trust and engagement.

Transitioning to Medicine 3.0 starts by contacting RFAMD to set up a featured profile and tailor your digital strategies. We assist in creating personalized websites, optimizing Google listings, and establishing a vibrant social media presence to connect with your community effectively.

RFAMD uses cutting-edge security technologies to safeguard all online interactions and patient data. Compliance with stringent privacy laws and regular security updates keep your digital practice safe and secure.

RFAMD offers comprehensive support, from 24/7 technical assistance to personalized coaching on digital best practices. Our team ensures you are confident and equipped to manage your online presence effectively.

Absolutely! Doctors using RFAMD Media Services report significant increases in visibility, patient bookings, and engagement. Our tailored digital strategies enhance your online presence, attracting more patients and improving overall satisfaction.

By adopting RFAMD’s Medicine 3.0 strategies, doctors typically see improved patient retention, increased referrals, and a more substantial online footprint, collectively contributing to a thriving practice.

RFAMD offers clear, predictable pricing plans that cover all aspects of digital presence management, including continuous updates and optimizations to your profiles to keep your practice ahead in the digital space.

RFAMD provides detailed analytics and reporting tools that allow you to measure the impact of your digital presence on patient engagement and practice growth. These insights help refine your strategies and ensure you meet your goals effectively.

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