The First Doctor to Perform Microwave Ablation in Thailand

The First Doctor to Perform Microwave Ablation in Thailand

Thyroid nodules affect millions of people worldwide, and while most are benign, some can become cancerous and require surgery. However, a new treatment option has emerged, offering patients an alternative to surgery. Microwave ablation, a minimally invasive procedure that destroys abnormal tissue using thermal energy, is now available in Thailand, and it is changing the way thyroid nodules are treated.

Dr. Thanyawat (Dr. Max), a leading specialist in the field, is one of the experts performing this innovative procedure at the Police General Hospital in Bangkok. During the procedure, a small needle is inserted into the thyroid nodule using ultrasound guidance. The needle emits microwave energy that heats and destroys the nodule’s abnormal tissue, while leaving the healthy tissue intact. The procedure is quick, lasting around 20 minutes, and is done under local anesthesia. The patient is awake throughout the procedure and can communicate with the doctor during the treatment.

Microwave ablation offers numerous benefits over traditional surgery. First and foremost, it is minimally invasive, meaning it avoids the risks and complications associated with surgery. Additionally, it is less painful and requires less recovery time than surgery. Patients also have a reduced risk of scarring and a lower chance of vocal cord injury, which can occur during surgery.

While microwave ablation is a new treatment option, it is not suitable for all thyroid nodules. Doctors will evaluate each patient’s case to determine if they are a good candidate for the procedure. However, for those who are eligible, microwave ablation is a promising new treatment option.

With the arrival of microwave ablation in Thailand, patients with thyroid nodules have a new option for treatment without undergoing surgery. Dr. Thanyawat (Dr. Max) and his team at the Police General Hospital in Bangkok are leading the way in this innovative treatment, giving hope to patients who may have previously felt surgery was their only option.

Microwave ablation is a game-changing treatment option for patients with thyroid nodules; its minimally invasive nature, reduced recovery time, and lower risk of complications make it an attractive alternative to surgery. Thanks to Dr. Thanyawat (Dr. Max) and his team at the Police General Hospital in Bangkok, patients in Thailand now have access to this innovative treatment option.

About Dr. Thanyawat Sasanakietkul

Dr. Thanyawat Sasanakietkul is a Surgical Oncologist with more than 20 years of professional experience. He specializes in Breast Surgery, Head & Neck Surgical Oncology. He is a member of the Thai Medical Council.


About ECO Microwave

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In 2013, his laryngeal nerve was severed, shoulder nerve damaged, parathyroids ruined, and residual cancer left behind — all for a 1 cm thyroid nodule.
Later, a vocal cord implant was inserted to help him speak.

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