Thyroid Ablation and Quality of Life with Dr. Erivelto Volpi

Thyroid Ablation and Quality of Life with Dr. Erivelto Volpi

Thyroid Ablation: A Game-Changer in Preserving Quality of Life

Thyroid disorders, particularly those requiring surgery, have long been a concern for patients due to the potential lifelong dependence on medication and associated quality of life changes. However, a significant shift is occurring in thyroid treatment with the advent of thyroid ablation, a technique that is rapidly gaining preference among patients and physicians alike.

The Rise of Thyroid Ablation

In a recent podcast interview on RFAMD, Dr. Erivelto Volpi, a renowned head and neck surgeon from São Paulo, Brazil, shared his extensive experience in thyroid ablation. Dr. Volpi, who has performed around 8,000 thyroid surgeries and 400 thyroid ablations in over 35 years, notes the growing trend towards thyroid ablation. He attributes this shift primarily to the preservation of the patient’s quality of life, a crucial factor often overshadowed in traditional surgical approaches.

Why Patients Prefer Thyroid Ablation

Dr. Volpi explains that most patients seeking thyroid ablation do so not just to avoid surgery but to maintain their quality of life. They fear the changes that lifelong medication post-surgery might bring, having seen friends or family struggle with hormone replacements. Thyroid ablation, which involves radiofrequency or microwave treatment, offers an effective alternative. It shrinks benign thyroid nodules and even treats initial cancers, preserving thyroid function and thus the patient’s pre-existing quality of life.

The Global Perspective and Acceptance

Thyroid ablation is not just a localized phenomenon. Dr. Volpi highlights its rapid adoption worldwide, with countries like South Korea, Brazil, Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, and Egypt leading in this practice. This global acceptance is partly due to patient advocacy and the internet, which have empowered patients to seek the best treatment options, often traveling across borders to access this care.

The Procedure and Its Benefits

Compared to conventional surgery, thyroid ablation is minimally invasive, with fewer complications like voice changes. Recovery is swift, often within 24 to 48 hours, significantly quicker than traditional surgery. This aspect further reinforces its preference among patients.

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