UK Doctors Recommended Surgery for Thyroid Goiter, But Italian Doctor Offers Non-Surgical Alternative with RFA

UK Doctors Recommended Surgery for Thyroid Goiter, But Italian Doctor Offers Non-Surgical Alternative with RFA

In the world of medicine, it’s not uncommon for patients to feel overwhelmed and uncertain when faced with a diagnosis that requires surgery. For Peter Miller, a 64-year-old man from the UK, this was certainly the case when he was diagnosed with thyroid goiter. Three specialists recommended thyroidectomy as the only viable treatment option, but Peter was hesitant to undergo such a procedure due to the potential risks and complications associated with it.

Fortunately, Peter took matters into his own hands and conducted his own research, which led him to an alternative treatment option – Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA). Through an article written by Philip James and the Philip James YouTube channel, Peter discovered Dr. Roberto Valcavi, an Appalachian doctor in Italy, who had experience performing the RFA procedure.

After discussing his options with Dr. Valcavi via email and video consultation, Peter underwent the RFA procedure in Italy. The results were remarkable – Peter experienced significant improvement in his symptoms, and he was happy to have avoided surgery.

Peter’s story highlights the importance of being an advocate for your own health and well-being. Conducting research, seeking second opinions, and exploring all treatment options are crucial steps in making informed medical decisions. Peter’s success with RFA also underscores the importance of raising awareness about this non-surgical treatment option.

Despite its efficacy, RFA is not widely available in many countries, and healthcare professionals may not be aware of it as a treatment option for thyroid goiter. It is crucial to raise awareness about RFA so that patients have access to all viable treatment options.

Peter’s experience with RFA serves as an inspiration for patients who may be hesitant to undergo surgery for thyroid goiter. Being your own advocate, doing research, and exploring all treatment options can lead to better health outcomes. And with the help of knowledgeable medical professionals like Dr. Valcavi, patients can find the right treatment option that works best for them.


About Dr. Roberto Valcavi

Roberto Valcavi MD, FACE, ECNU is specialist in Endocrinology and specialist in Internal Medicine. 20 years and 1800+ RFA procedures done; laser since 2000 and radiofrequency ablation starting in 2010.

At present, Dr. Roberto Valcavi is Director of the E.T.C. (Endocrine & Thyroid Clinic) in Reggio Emilia, Italy, dedicated to the diagnosis and therapy of endocrine neck (thyroid, parathyroid, lymph nodes) benign and malignant lesions. 

He is specialized in ultrasound- guided ablative therapy of thyroid nodules by radio frequency (RFA), minimally invasive surgery that is able to effectively treat more than 90 % of benign thyroid nodules and over 80 % of malignant thyroid nodules, saving the thyroid gland.

View Full Profile: Dr. Roberto Valcavi

About Philip James

In 2013, his laryngeal nerve was severed, shoulder nerve damaged, parathyroids ruined, and residual cancer left behind — all for a 1 cm thyroid nodule.
Later, a vocal cord implant was inserted to help him speak.

The word he uses to describe his work as patient advocate is, ‘tonglen’. Or, using his pain and hardship to help others.


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